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Frak is in charge of the waste handling in a big company and carries out the orders of his boss, whom he calls Chief. He is proud of this and wants to accomplish his task with a lot of professionalism, but above all with a lot of fun and can't help but play with the cardboard that Chef asks him to throw into the dumpster.

Aware of environmental issues, Frak quickly understands that the dumpster, like the planet, cannot be filled indefinitely and adopts the 3 R's strategy: Reduce, Recycle but above all Reuse and creates with the cardboard large epic frescoes or comic parodies.

Naïve, he will seize the love in the passage of a letter found by chance. Full of hope, he will prepare himself for the ultimate encounter.

With his resilience, his positive approach to life and his contagious imagination, Frak will inspire everyone to help the planet... by playing with cardboard.

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